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Author: Natalie S

Raw Vegan Chocolate & Banana Tart

A delicious and quick vegan dessert you can serve at any party – So rich, a tiny slice is all you need to hit the spot!   RAW VEGAN CHOCOLATE & BANANA TART MAKES 16 SLICES INGREDIENTS 350g Medjool Dates (pitted) 300g Almond Flour 325g Dark chocolate (vegan) 125ml Almond Milk (or other non-dairy milk) 55g Slivered almonds (lightly toasted) 2-3 Bananas (sliced) 15g Cacao Nibs METHOD Using a food processor, blend the medjool dates and almond flour until a dough forms Line a ca. 30cm tart pan and push the dough into it, including the sides then slice...

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Vegan Protein Seed Bars

Looking for a quick, portable protein fix – I’ve got you covered with these Protein Seed Bars which are of course Vegan, Nut-Free and Gluten-Free!!!  Oh and no oven required – just leave them in the fridge for a few hours to harden 🙂 VEGAN PROTEIN SEED BARS MAKES 18 SLICES INGREDIENTS 200g Oat Flour 25g Chia Seeds 25g Flax Seeds 50g Vegan Protein Powder (Vanilla or Chocolate) 15g Cacao Nibs 50ml Coconut milk/Cream 100g Sunflower Seed Butter 25g Brown Rice/ Maple/ Agave Syrup or Erythritol (optional) METHOD Mix Oat flour, Protein Powder, Chia seeds, Flax seeds and Cacao...

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The BEST sweet potato chocolate brownies

I could spend paragraphs on telling you why you need to make these, but I’ll just get right to it – because they are damn good, moist, rich, and perfect alone, with a cup of tea or with a big scoop of vegan ice cream/ whip! ………Here we go………. VEGAN SWEET POTATO BROWNIES MAKES 12 SLICES INGREDIENTS 200g homemade Sweet Potato Puree 50g Sunflower Seed Butter 50g Almond/ Peanut Butter 100g Cacao Powder 25g Cacao Nibs 1 Tbsp Maple/ Agave/ Brown Rice Syrup/ Erythritol (optional – I used 0.5 Tbsp Erythritol) METHOD Preheat oven to 180 Degrees Celcius Grease...

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Let’s talk about Diet

Having initially become a vegan at 10 years old, I then chose vegetarianism for the next 10 years before adding fish to my diet for some years after that, then to roll it all back and become a Vegan in the last 6 months, but why? I’ve always had compassion for animals and detested animal cruelty be it vivisection or immoral slaughter, so that was decisive in my original move to Veganism at a tender age, however I like many others put their head in the sand over the dairy and seafood industry before being confronted with profound documentaries such...

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Veganuary | Try Vegan This January With Veganuary

From the emotionally shattering Earthlings to Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, Vegucated and Can I be Frank?  – If I could ask one thing of my friends this month, it would be to try Veganism.  The facts are out there – our planet is ailing from over-consumption and immeasurable waste.  The Western world eats 3 times the amount of meat it did half a century ago and obesity, heart disease and cancer are on the increase.  The demand on the meat industry is unyielding and it means adapting to cheaper, more efficient (read: immoral) ways to meet the demands.  ...

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