We need to talk about this.  EVERYONE needs to talk about this.  Not only as a runner myself but as a human being who understands logic pretty well, I find this mind-boggling.  The 1500m Mens Paralympic final has demonstrated quite clearly that 4 male runners were able to not only compete with the times set by the 3-place finishers for the Rio Olympics, but actually beat them.  It is hard to process, very hard in fact.  What we are saying here is that 4 men who are visually impaired are able to run faster than their able counterparts.  This is remarkable, beautiful, uplifting and these guys are superhuman.  Thank you for humbling and inspiring us all.

Even the fourth-place finisher would have won gold in August.

Source: Four Paralympians Just Ran The 1500m Faster Than Anyone At The Rio Olympics Final | Huffington Post