T-2 Days: I receive a text message with a post code and information about looking out for a blue glow pointing to the first location of the Crystal bar.  I should dress classy and once I’ve entered, try to identify the true spy by repeating a phrase in order to proceed to the next adventure.

The night: Arrival at location and then a quick briefing before entering the Crystal Bar.  We went on to experience 4 further scenes which continued to tell the story and where we were in character and interacted with various actors.  We also had an unfortunately average 4 course meal in each of the “rooms”, from a prison through to the aftermath of a plane crash.

As adulthood often doesn’t enable the same kind of surprises experienced throughout childhood, this was an unpredictable and novel adventure.   Though at times very amateur, confusing and pointless, the overall walk-away was it that it was worthwhile and we even discovered a new part of Singapore in the process.

For more information about the event and all future nomadic dining events, see https://www.andsoforth.com.sg/