Having initially become a vegan at 10 years old, I then chose vegetarianism for the next 10 years before adding fish to my diet for some years after that, then to roll it all back and become a Vegan in the last 6 months, but why?

I’ve always had compassion for animals and detested animal cruelty be it vivisection or immoral slaughter, so that was decisive in my original move to Veganism at a tender age, however I like many others put their head in the sand over the dairy and seafood industry before being confronted with profound documentaries such as Earthlings, Vegucated, Cowspiracy etc… Also like many others as I’ve got older I’ve thought a lot harder about how diet affects my wellbeing and i’m convinced, not just for my own benefit but for the future of the planet, going green is the only way to go.  I won’t apologise for being a strong advocate for veganism and mentioning it where I can – why wouldn’t you share good news?!

Rich Roll is know to be one of the fittest people on earth.  He made the massive transformation at 39 after years of being unfit, overweight and too much drinking.  He got clean, green and lean and the results of both his and his family’s lives are astounding – read more about him here:

Plantpowered Wellness Advocate, Bestselling Author, Ultra-Athlete & Podcast Host Rich Roll

Source: Athlete/Author Rich Roll