At the end of each day write down 3 things you are grateful for – they can repeat and overlap.  Here are some from the past week or so:
  • Breath
    – Inhaling and exhaling – every breath is a blessing.  The way your lungs expand and contract and your heart pumps oxygen around the body.  Every single time you breathe is a miracle of nature and none of us know when we will take in that final breath.
  • Charity
    – Giving away freely of yourself, your time or unwanted items to benefit those in need.  There will always be people less fortunate than yourselves be it financial, emotional, circumstantial etc and it is important to acknowledge them when you come into contact and offer whatever you can to make their lives just a little less difficult or a little more enjoyable
  • Daylight
    – Having the daylight and sunshine to show the world as it truly is – to bask in the warmth and crystal vision we are provided.  For everything to be clear and for shadows to be cast to give perspective – Mother Earth is beautiful and we are all so lucky to have this place as a home to share and learn from.
  • Food
    – To have an abundance of food and to never feel hungry or the effects of starvation.  To have access to the knowledge and information about healthy food and options.  To live in a Country where there is a plentiful supply of a variety of food and cuisines and to have as much or as little as one would like.
  • Transportation
    -To have my legs to carry my body from one place to another, up and down stairs and across roads.  To have access to a vehicle to transport me to where I would like to go.  To be able to feel safe and travel safely to do the activities I deem necessary.
  • Freedom
    – To be free to do as I wish without permission or explanation.  To be free to sit in a bar alone or walk along a road late at night though with risks, there is an immense freedom.  To choose and select the paths in life whatever they may be.  To vote, drive, and aspire to be anything I want to be – for all the struggles our ancestors fought in order to deliver these freedoms we take for granted today and to pass them onto future generations.
  • Health
    – Being able to wake up every morning, able to breathe freely, and to have vision and legs to walk wherever my mind wishes to go.  I am grateful for not being in pain and suffering and having no major ailments that prevent me from living my life.
  • My Brain
    – The ability and interest to critically analyse a situation and hopefully choose the right method of action.  To show a degree of balance and thought when reading and in conversation; to show empathy and understanding and give what I feel is the best advice to those who ask of it.  To show an interest in the world beyond my own life – to care about the environment, animal welfare and human suffering.  To want to stretch beyond simplicity and actively use my brain to improve situations – be it at work, amongst friends or at home.
  • My friends and family
    – For the omnipresent support and presence – For the countless hours of conversations, the greatest ears to listen with and the kind reminders to not judge but instead to love.  It all comes back to Love, always.