From the emotionally shattering Earthlings to Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, Vegucated and Can I be Frank?  – If I could ask one thing of my friends this month, it would be to try Veganism.  The facts are out there – our planet is ailing from over-consumption and immeasurable waste.  The Western world eats 3 times the amount of meat it did half a century ago and obesity, heart disease and cancer are on the increase.  The demand on the meat industry is unyielding and it means adapting to cheaper, more efficient (read: immoral) ways to meet the demands.   Deforestation is rife strangling our ozone, grain production (also unnatural to cow’s diet) is in overdrive and animal agriculture (Methane) is almost 4 times more deadly to the atmosphere than Transportation (Carbon Dioxide).

I made the decision to become a Vegan some 22 years ago and then transitioned to a Vegetarian, then Pescetarian.  As of 2.5 months ago I am a reformed Vegan and have no doubt in my mind, this is the healthiest, most ethical and humane approach to the future of our planet and race.

Source: Veganuary | Try Vegan This January With Veganuary